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Dear Music Lover,
The Sacramento Community Concerts Association (SCCA) is pleased to announce its 63rd season! Enclosed you will find our 2015-2016 concert season brochure. Subscribers can enjoy five concerts, and children and student discounts are available. Tickets may be purchased by mail, at the SCCA website using multiple secure payment methods, or in person at the concerts.

This year the SCCA is proud to present a variety of musical genres, including classical, pop, jazz, instrumental and contemporary styles, featuring young artists as well as established acts and performers from the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. We even have a new venue this season – two of our concerts will be at The Center at 2300 Sierra Boulevard, which will feature cabaret style seating in the round! All other concerts will take place at Westminster Presbyterian Church, as they have in prior seasons.

We are also pleased to announce that in addition to the five SCCA concerts this season, each SCCA subscriber will also receive a voucher to attend any one performance of the Capitol Chamber Players’ 2015-2016 season free of charge. For more information, please visit us on the web at www.sccaconcerts.org, or visit the Capitol Chamber Players’ website for information regarding their upcoming season (www.capitolchamberplayers.org.)

In today’s world of mostly recorded music, “live” performances can enrich us in profound ways by feeding our spirits, our imaginations, and our creativity; and when the performance has finished, we can take an energy—an aliveness—home with us which stimulates us in many beautiful ways. Also, as audience members, we are supporting talented and inspirational artists, which helps sustain the beauty and excitement of “live” performances in our community.

We invite you to come join us this season. We look forward to seeing you at the concerts!

J. Scott Miller

SCCA President, 2015-2016 Season

SCCA Telephone: 916-400-4634
P.O. Box: 254825, Sacramento, CA 95865
Venue: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
All concerts are open seating.
Doors open 30 minutes prior to start of concert.
SCCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Performances are subject to change without notice.

Board of Directors

J. Scott Miller

Elaine Gosine
Program Director


Teddy Hobart

Faith Faraci
Phelps Hobart
Vice President

Barbara Mortkowitz
Public Relations Director

Mary Carl

Linda Johnson

Jacquie Sheridan
Delcy Thut

Donte Aklin 

Harley Debler

Jeanette Monroe

Peggy Miller
Subscription Manager

Elaine Gosine
Program Director

Janet Himes

Rick Thut
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